[English EP2]My relative who is devoted SGI

I only have one relative who is devoted SGI member.

That was my mother.

My mother has been a SGI member since she was a teenager.

Although she didn’t have a leader post in SGI, she was famous in our area for active actions for SGI activity.

Every morning she was delivering “Seikyo Shimbun (newspaper)”.

SGI Keyword

Seikyo Shimbun (Seikyo newspaper)

Seikyo Shimbun is a daily organ of Soka Gakkai. (Only the morning paper is published. There is no evening paper. They say it has 5.5 million circulation.

As I wrote last time, my mother took me to the “Zadan-kai (round-table discussion)” once a month but I was just playing while my mother and the SGI members discussed something.

And after puberty, I came not to go to Zadan-kai. (my family including my father did not participate in any SGI activities.)

When I became a university student, my mother recommended the Seikyo-newspaper.

Time passed, and I became a university student and I left home to live alone.

Then my mother said she would take a newspaper in my room where I live alone.

It was “Seikyo-newspaper”.

Although I was not anti-SGI, I was hesitant to have a newspaper with such a big name as “Seikyo” which means holy religion.

Also, I was worried if I took seikyo-shimbun, my knowlege and point of view are biased.

As well as most of Japanese people, I was not in particular about religion. I don’t particularly dislike it or like it. I joined Christmas party and go to a shrine at New Year’s.

But I had a strong resistance to doing a particular religion.
I felt that I would narrow my mind and knowledge by sticking to a particular religion.

I refused because I thought people around me might think that “He is devoted SGI member because he takes Seikyo-newspapers.” and if that happens, my relationship with friends would be narrowed.

However, my mother continuously tried me to take it

And she subscribed it with my address saying “Just try for a month !!”

As a result, as soon as I become a university student, a Seikyo-newspaper were delivered to my room.

But I disliked the atmosphere of the headline articles .

For example, the front page headline of the Seikyo newspaper of October 1, 2017 is “Break the limit with the spirit of reclamation!”

This is relatively not so bad, but I felt it is too hot to read from the morning.

And sometimes more intense words or words that worship a particular person.( I thought so at that time.)

In the end, when I glanced at the cover and thought it was physiologically impossible, I never read it carefully.

Momma found the tricolor flag and jumped in the house

Even I didn’t read Seikyo-Shimbun which my mother subscribed for me, on the other hand, found the my mother’s SGI power.

At that time, I learned about my mother’s SGI power is very special. But there were times when it was annoying sometimes.

When I was university student, I had to live far away from my parents’ home, so I didn’t know anyone at first.

I felt a little uneasy.

At that time, my mother visited my room and looked around outside the house.

“Oh, there’s a tricolor flag over there!  Let’s Go! “

She jumped in the house without hesitation.

SGI’s symbol Flag

a flag consisting of blue, yellow and red. There are some SGI members who hold the tricolor flag at some memorial event. (The following is a description of the following:

Soka Gakkai’s “Red, Blue, Yellow” “tricolor flag” was set at 1988 (In 1988).
The three colors represent “Peace (blue), Glory (yellow), Victory (red)” and symbolize Soka Gakkai’s philosophy of realizing happiness and peace for each person.

SGI’ flag

My mother rang a chime just she found a tricolor flag.

But what’s amazing was that people who were visited by my mother were very welcome and became friend of her in 100%.

For example, it was the home of an old couple living together.
I was impressed that there were SGI members so close to my room. It was only a few minutes from my room.

I actually recognized SGI is the largest religious organization in Japan.

And my mother said, “My son has moved in the neighborhood, so I would like to ask you something when he was in trouble.” she said,

“Of course! Please let me know whenever you have a problem!”

They readily agreed.

In the end, I rarely went to their house alone while I was in that area. But I always went to greet to them with my mother when she came to see me.

And when I was thinking about getting rid of the furniture I didn’t need at the time of graduation,

when I went to consult, they took everything with smile.

I didn’t do any SGI activities when I was in university, but I thought SGI power was a big deal at times like this.