[English EP4]Even after starting work in Tokyo, I never contacted SGI

(The previous story is Here.)

I didn’t do any SGI activity when I was a university student.

That situation had not changed since I moved to Tokyo and started to work.

Busy days after getting a job in Tokyo

Fortunately, I was able to get a job at big company in Tokyo.

The work environment was not bad, however, I have been busy for about 3 years since I joined the company.


I started living alone in Tokyo, but I don’t have any acquaintances, so I only go back and forth between my office and home every day.

Unfamilier work, a crowded train, a fruitless drinking party etc… It is like Tokyo Desert is so brutal.

I have been having a hard time both mentally and physically.

As I grew up in the countryside, I was completely tired to Tokyo.

Distant from SGI

“At that time, I met a member of SGI and they changed my life!”

If this is common story, it could be like above, but the real was not like that.

I still avoided the SGI activities.

By this time, since my mother was in my hometown, she had not invited me SGI activity anymore, and I forgot even the name of SGI.

SGI was far away for me.

When I was in my hometown, I often saw many SGI members, but when I came to Tokyo, I didn’t see them anymore.

( I think about it now, there were actually quite a lot of SGI members around me, but they naturally blended into my daily life so much that I could not notice unless I was conscious.)

I worked in Tokyo for many years without attending SGI activities like above.

When I noticed, I got used to work, I got used to Tokyo, and I got married.

I only sometimes heard about the SGI from my mother, and it became a completely distant world.