[English EP3]Mommy’s powerful SGI network

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As I wrote in previous story, I found my mother’s SGI network was very powerful.

I was helped during my long internship in Tokyo.

I have another example that I felt her SGI power is special

When I was 3rd year student at university and I had a long internship in Tokyo during my job hunting period.

At that time, I was worried because I was doing unfamiliar work in an unfamiliar place.

Then my mother contacted a SGI member who lived in Tokyo and he took care of me, such as having dinner.

This person was an ordinary caring man.

He talked about various small things such as whether I should work in Tokyo or not without talking about a SGI matters.

I had talked with this person from time to time since long before joining SGI and had a good relationship with him.

He did never invite me to SGI activity and I think that was one of the reasons why I have been with him for a long time.

Sometimes it’s a nuisance.

As I described above, my mother’s networking skills through SGI helped me a lot, but I sometimes thought it was a bit too much.

For example, it happened at the entrance ceremony of the university.

My mother who attended the ceremony found a few people with SGI symbol flags (tricolor flags) there. She ran to them alone and was talking about something.

And when she came back, “I gave them your cell phone number!” she said exultingly.

I was quite dissatisfied that she gave my cell phone number to a stranger without permission.
(She might have been worried about her son who was going to live alone…but at that time I could not think so)

Later, I received a call from a person who asked for my phone number to invite me to SGI activities, but I declined the invitations as a university student.

In the end, I didn’t contact to SGI at all in my university period.